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Is a six monthly publication by Jungian Connections, which publishes papers on analytical psychology, that consider its theoretical-philosophical aspects, as well as clinical, applied or a combination of other areas of knowledge.


An alliance of groups dedicated to analytical psychology, located in different points of Brazil. Its purpose is to promote Jungian thought, and to encourage dialogue between analysts and professionals from other areas of knowledge, to develop creative thinking. The groups are based in the cities of Araraquara, Barueri, Botucatu, Brasília, Jundiaí, Salvador and São José dos Campos. Jungian Connections promotes ERANOIS, an annual meeting of analysts.

President: Maria Silvia Pessoa, PhD                          General Secretary: Susan Carol Albert


To publish original papers related to analytical psychology, focusing on clinical experience, theory and themes connected to psychology, art, culture and other areas of knowledge.

Jungian Dialogues

SCN Q2 Liberty Mall torre B sala 1023
CEP 70.712-903 Brasília-DF – Brazil
+55 61 3031.9059 / +55 61 4141.3151

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